Hydrophobic maze

In my class maker space we made hydrophobic mazes. So you are able to put a drop of water on it and let it roll around the board, just like a marble would. We are able to accomplish this by spraying it with a hydrophobic spray.

First we started out by making a sketch  of the maze we didn’t need exact measurements so it was just a rough idea of what it would look like. Here’s mine:

Then we went on tinkercad and made the maze with measurements. This part was. Kind of annoying because it was just repeating the same thing over and over again and it took a lot of patience. But I was able to finish on time.

Next we got to making the actual maze. What I did was I took a chopstick aligned it up with the tinkercad maze and cut it using scissors. Then we had to sand it down. Here is mine after one class of work.

As you can tell I dint get a lot finished and it. Took a long time. And again it was just repeating the same thing over and over again, measure, cut, glue. But I was able to multitask and talk with my friends at the same time. There were a couple things I had to change because of spacing problems. But I was able to make it all fit in the end. After that we were able to spray it with the hydrophobic spray paint. That was super fun because I’ve always liked using spray paint because I’ve used it in some of my other classes. Here is my finished product, as you can see I am moving a water droplet through the maze while this picture was taken.

Overall this project. Was super fun. when I came home after school that day I showed it to my sister and she thought it was so cool. but this project was super fun to make and it turned out great.

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